What should we know about your pricing policy?

The most important thing is that our pricing is very competitive; this is a rule for all our clients, whether they are in Glen Burnie, MD or elsewhere. Don’t worry. Maylex Interior Design won’t make you break the bank during your home design project. We offer attractive discounts, and you can take advantage of our monthly promotion deals.

What is the typical working process?

It’s a 3-step process. The first is the consultation. We get to know our customer’s needs, wishes, and concerns. The next is an acquisition. Our team acquires the items you need. The last is the installation – put everything together and add the final touches.

What education/training do you have?

I own Maylex Interior Design, and I am an educated lawyer. I have been fascinated by interior design for many years. I love to mix different shapes and colors to improve people’s environment. I have gone through plenty of training to become a professional interior designer. I am very passionate in everything I do.

How did you get started?

Most interior designers started with designing and decorating their own homes. And not just my home, but I began working in my friends’ homes. I have an eye for detail and can suggest amazing styles to make a residence more stylish.

What types of customers do you work with?

All kinds of property owners with all types of backgrounds from Glen Burnie, MD and many others around the country. I can design both residential and commercial spaces. I have undertaken projects, like designing and decorating small houses, offices, baby rooms, and kids’ rooms, etc.

Can you describe a recent job and how long did it take?

We were asked to travel to Connecticut to work in a client’s home. It was a complex project because we had to do everything, from new furniture and decoration shopping; to a thorough clean and different installation. It was a tough but very rewarding job. The customer was truly excited and happy with the final results, and that’s all that matters.

How can we find the right expert? What do you suggest?

Speak with a few interior designers and choose the one ready to comply with your tastes and needs. Give them your vision of a comfortable home and accept their expert opinion. After all, it’s your safe haven!

What questions do we have to ask a professional designer?

How much the project will cost, is the main one. There is nothing worse than purchasing items you don’t need or like. A specialist will not waste your money but try to figure out what is important to you. Make sure you get your money’s worth! One of our principles is to provide excellent service at affordable rates.

If you have further question please do not hesitate to give us a call at 240-517-4492